The Turkish War Medal

Eiserner Halbmond

Harp Madalyası

"Often and incorrectly referred to as the “Gallipoli Star” or “Iron Half-Moon”, my interest in the Harp Madalyasi (War Medal), started a few years ago and I was immediately confronted with a myriad of unanswered questions due to the general lack of substantiated information on the subject. Luckily, I befriended other collectors interested in this award and eventually met the author in one of these online forums. First, let me say, that a printed reference on this subject was long overdue and I could not think of a better, more knowledgeable person, to bring this subject to light.
The book briefly discusses the history of the Ottoman Empire and how it’s military awards came into being, along with the European influence on design and purpose that led to the establishment of the War Medal. Various battles and campaigns are mentioned and examples of the various clasps often encountered on the War Medal ribbon are also shown.

One of the book’s highlights centers around the award regulations and amendments that applied, which are shown in great detail and reprinted with full translations. This is something many references overlook and often the collector has to rely on hearsay or other collector opinions, which often lead to confusion or erroneous statements as facts.  Mike"   

The Turkish War Medal

SPINK – London Book Review

“Erman, M. Demir, The Turkish War Medal – Harp Madalyasi

The beginner will be able to base his new collection on this book; the expert will be delighted that all the current research has been brought together in one comprehensive volume. This book covers the unique story of the medal’s development including background material on Turkish military regulations and the thought processes that went into establishing the medal. The packaging of medal the award certificates and its wear are all covered with many full colour photographs highlighting the German and Austrian variations in manufacture. There has been a long-felt want for an all-inclusive description of this fascinating medal’ and Mr. Erman has filled this need.”


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